Taking Maine Back-Feeding the Hungry

A  C-Rev Fundraiser


Here’s an opportunity to do your part in feeding the hungry in Maine, hands on, one-on-one – in an organized and quick way, locally, in all the counties of Maine!

We’ve designed these kits for those who are on the move in their cars and encountering homeless people who are asking for money for food on the side of the road or on traffic circles (C-Rev urges you to be safe in passing out food!)

You can give away the food you will provide, of course, in any way you see fit. We provide the kits, you provide 4, flip top cans of nutritious food per bag. When you go shopping, just pick up 4 extra cans of green beans or baked beans, etc.. You can give out one can at a time or just pass the whole bag out. If you pass out one can to a time, you can save the bag for more cans of food to pass out (until the bag wears out). You could pass these out at your church or community center, or right out on the street!



  1. Order here on info@c-rev.org Please give us: Your Name, mailing address and county. Please also give us your email and/or phone # if you may want to volunteer for C-Rev sometime.
  2. Asking for a suggested donation of $5.00 (includes cover costs, shipping and a little extra for C-Rev to keep us going as a nonprofit charity).    *Use PayPal – found at the bottom of each page on our site.
  3. When you receive your kit in the mail, A) buy 4 flip top cans, B) wrap the cans with a list of food pantries in your county and a gospel tract for each can (all provided in the kit), secure with the rubber bands, also provided, put the cans and the plastic silverware provided, wrapped in napkins in the bag provided which holds the whole kit and (C) start helping us take back Maine – one heart to a time!
  4. PS-, in the summertime, instead of giving away flip-top cans of food, replace the can with a small bottle of water!


Each kit includes (for each can): 4 plastic fork & spoon sets, each wrapped in a napkin; 4 lists of food pantries in your county, 4 gospel tracts and 4 rubber bands.

So, here’s a fun way to be encouraged in getting involved, personally, with feeding the hungry as well as helping to support Christian Revelation, a 501c3 charitable ministry organization.


Thank you so much, Blessings

Pastor Randy

Christian Revelation


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