A Letter from C-Rev President


Thank you for visiting. I’m Pastor Randy Brown, President of Christian Revelation – an all-Volunteer, nonprofit 501(c)3, charitable, ministry organization.

My team and I endeavor to bring quality, affordable and spiritually effective events to the churches and to the Church and our communities – with your help.

Our aim is to bring talented and dynamic Christian speakers and local-musicians to Maine and New England.

With a team of trained Volunteers, we are committed to making a connection with those who are moved by the Spirit of worship and the Word and refer themselves as to Bible-believing churches to be loved  and discipled.

I encourage you to join us for “such a time as this.” A time of revival. Please take a moment to read our Mission Statement and Core Values.

I would also encouarge you to become a partner of C-Rev. You can do this by volunteering, donating financially, praying or sign up to be part of “Taking Back Maine.” We are always looking for business and organizations to sponsor C-Rev.

Finally, pray – pray – pray! Join us not only at our events in prayer but daily pray for C-Rev, the Church and the state of Maine. I look forward to meeting you at our next event!


  Pastor Randy Brown                       President, Christian Revelation